Is It Better to Serve in Publishing Heaven or Reign in Publishing Hell?

Posted by: Tanner McElroy @ 02:16PM on 10/04/2012
Is It Better to Serve in Publishing Heaven or Reign in Publishing Hell?
After years of writing to complete my manuscript, I had no idea what I was in for. Trying to figure out the right path for your work is a complicated task.   Other writers out there are probably saying, “Amen!”  There are many different options these days including traditional publishing, independent publishing, and self-publishing to name a few.  The key is deciding which is right for you.  I have been lucky to have someone that is much better at business than me on my side to help me make the best decision.  We decided to go with Brown Books on Tuesday, so let’s take a look at the reasons why.   As the Pointer Sisters put it, “I’m so excited!”  (Cue a magical 80’s dance video)  
First of all, as a writer I respect other writers and the craft.  I am one of those people who believe everyone has a voice and should write.  It reminds me of a quote from Johnny Depp that goes like this, “Everybody’s nuts.”  Well, I agree Johnny.  Especially me.  If nothing else writing is therapeutic and keeps us from having to annoy friends and family with all our self-absorbed baggage.  Instead, why not word-vomit on a page or computer screen so you can look back on it later to realize how amazing art can be when you actually let yourself feel?  Sure a large portion of the things we write will be embarrassing or just plain bad, but sometimes we will look back and think, did I really write that?  I realized that after writing for about 5 years.  When everything’s great in your life writing is fun, but when everything is bad, writing saves you.   
Now back to the full-time job of publishing.  As most writers respect the notoriety of the traditional publishing route, so do I.  Every published writer knows the tedious process of finding the right representation for your genre, submitting query letters to agents, attending writer’s conferences to learn and schmooze, as well as negotiating contracts.  We all know that Penguin, Harper’s Collins, and MacMillan don’t just show up at your door one day as a first time writer and say, “Whatcha workin’ on bro?”  So out of sheer respect, I think all writer’s can appreciate those that have worked this angle and weighed out the options.  
Let me tell you why we decided to go with Brown Books.  First and foremost, we wanted a quality product.  Without that what is the point, right?  Well, we believe we have it and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!  I was very lucky compared to other writers in the fact that the closest person to me in this world not only owns and operates the best web design company in Dallas, but also shares the same vision with where we are going with these books.  He automatically brought design work, websites, finances, business savvy, and creative genius to the table.  (He just so happens to be my brother and yes he’s talented, but I have much better dance moves)  Most writers don’t have the negotiation tools on their side that Travis brought me, so I am very lucky.  After weighing the contracts as well as percentage rights we would own, and all things considered we finally made a decision and although it is an uphill battle from here on out, I am riding up that hill in a Batmobile made of pizza with nothing but smiles.
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