A SPECIAL THANK YOU for Helping Us Reach Our Kickstarter Goal

Posted by: Tanner McElroy @ 01:39PM on 11/23/2012
A SPECIAL THANK YOU for Helping Us Reach Our Kickstarter Goal

I am so honored, blessed, and humbled to have such amazing support behind War of Wings, and I can’t thank everyone enough.  I truly appreciate everyone who pre-ordered the novel or even took the time to pledge even for a sticker.  I want to send a special “Thank You” to the sponsors below, because we would have never made it without you.  We will send out the final numbers and ask for addresses when the campaign ends soon.  I am looking forward to a great 2013 with everyone!  Happy Holidays!


Seraphim Sponsors

Dennis N. Hale

John Patton

Joseph Harvey

Joyce Goss

Matthew D. Ketterman

Victoria B. Anderson

Manuel M. Machado Jr.

Georgia A McLain

Quintan Cockerell

Mike Mourton

Nick Mourton

Junior Desinor

Stacey Nicole Pizzurro

Leslie Kilgore Jones

Jay Randol Jones

Cathey Davis

Katelyn Elisabeth Jones

Jillian Grace Jones

Ryan Strawn

Brian McCauley

Todd Newsome


Cherubim Sponsors

Nick Oberheiden

Corey Gerstner

Ian Keller

Susan Anderson

Ben Waters

Anthony Vasquez

Kristen Muller

David Burrows

Matthew Davis

Trey G

Debra Jones

Ryan Nicole Lowe

Ricky Stover


Archangel Sponsors

Brandon Daily

Will Walters

Robert Walne

Chris Harden

Nate Cavender

Bryan Bulte

Josh Wilson

Natalie Westbrook

Joel Gittemeier

Tyler Sorenson

Cory Yarbrough

Carl & Annie Cedar

Jeremy Sneed

Jason Seely


Randy Newsom

Amity Gillespie

Karen A. Smith

Victoria George

Meggan Morrison

Carol Brymm

Robbie Buhl

Marc Torres

Jennifer Petersen

Harmony Raymond

Tracey Schwartz

Blake Calhoun

Mary Kay McIlyar

Bill Holder

Garrett Walker

Janis J. Wooten

Sarah Longanecker

Michael Vogen

Linda Brashear Llewellyn


Marcus Simpson

Mark Schultz

Cortney Matern


Amber Houser

John Jeffries

Campbell Foster


Angel Sponsors

Clancy Fossum

Josh Graham-Chapman

Clark Harris

Randall Wyatt Horton

Lindsay Dick

Guy Byars

Reid Wakefield

James Holacka

Mason McCowen

Fielding Lewis

Karen Adams

Michele & Jeff Smith

Brent Alexander Thomas

Lacey Roznovsky

Joshua Edson


Chad Ertel

Alvin Claiborne

Meagan Harris

Debbie LaBarba

Tyler Monahan

Bill Oxford

David Macias

Valerie Hale

JoLynn Cavalier

Mindy Kay McRae

Dick Houser

Chris Knox

Kirk Childress

Molly Parker

Ryan Harden

Rob Lowe

Regina Stone Matthews

Britnee Wooldridge

Bonnie Pullen

Linda Smith

Todd Dickerson

Michelle Arnold

Susan Heimlich

Phillip Yarborough

Stefanie Roberts

John Irvin

Nicole Hodges

Natalie Shaw Revell

Steven Cantu

Tara Brahmi

Christopher Clinton

Josh Tyler

Nicole Pendley

Laura Robeson

Dustin Derrick

Ryan Handler


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