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In the beginning Heaven is perfect. All of the angels live in complete harmony and bliss. Gabriel floats through existence on the many simple pleasures Heaven has to offer, Michael leads the worker angels proudly, and Lucifer, the minister of music, is the highest of the cherubim. A secret movement fueled by a seed of doubt separates loved ones into two sides and Arrayah, the mesmerizing virtue angel of humility, holds a secret that may unhinge the heavens. When the power of the seven deadly sins is used to empower angels, the two sides violently collide in the first war of all time, The War of Wings.
War of Wings, the new fiction novel, tells the story of the fall of one-third of the angels from Heaven and everything that led up to it through two love stories destined to collide. With Lucifer, the highest cherub angel beginning a revolution in Paradise, author Tanner McElroy presents a unique tale of the trials, tribulations, and journey of two angels with much in common who are defined by one choice. 

It started with this video in 2012

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